The Risks of Ignoring Tech Nearshoring

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By Armin Gebauer

October 11, 2023

Tech nearshoring is a well-established, proven strategy that enables US companies to access specialized talent, driving efficiency and growth. While we’ve previously discussed its benefits, let’s now explore the risks associated with not leveraging nearshoring for your tech operations.

Let’s delve into the potential challenges:

  1. Competitive Disadvantage. Competitors who have embraced nearshoring enjoy faster time-to-market and cost advantages that are difficult to achieve when relying solely on local resources.
  2. Limited Scalability. Nearshoring provides access to a broader talent pool, making it easier to assemble high-performing teams quickly and flexibly. Without nearshoring, your hiring processes can become lengthy, complex, and costly. Moreover, in a competitive job market, attrition can also harm your chances of building a stable team.
  3. Higher Costs. Relying solely on local talent may lead to increased costs due to market demand and competition. Nearshoring from regions like Latin America can offer significant cost reductions that allow you to tackle bigger projects or work with larger teams. Whatever the case is, this can only benefit you.
  4. Stagnant Skillset. Depending exclusively on local talent may limit your access to cutting-edge technology skills. Nearshoring broadens your horizons, offering access to motivated professionals with expertise in complex projects and innovations.
  5. Delayed Time-to-Market. Not nearshoring your tech operations can hinder your market entry. Once you decide to nearshore, partnering with a reputable nearshoring company can ensure timely project delivery through agile methodologies and faster development cycles.
  6. Distracted Focus. Managing tech operations alongside core business functions can be overwhelming. Tech nearshoring allows you to focus on your core competencies, freeing up internal resources.

While some may perceive nearshoring as risky, not embracing it may pose a more significant threat to your company’s growth and success.

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