Innovate for Impact: Arionkoder’s Vision for the Future

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By Martin Bouza

October 17, 2023

We all have our unique ways of saying hello. From simple to elaborate, and formal to informal, we all introduce ourselves to others and to the world sometimes, even tailoring the greeting to the audience we’ll have. But there’s one value that we uphold: coherence.

So, at Arionkoder, we introduce ourselves as an innovation company, and we keep driving this point home. We do it in a coherent way because we believe that our blend of Design, Science, and Engineering is our superpower. You can see it in our AI Labs, Digital Product Development Studios, and our Guilds for staying on top of cutting-edge tech. It even shows in how we build relationships with clients and partners, how we handle challenges, and the hackathons our teams take part in. This creative spirit shines through, and I’m proud to say that everyone you meet from Arionkoder will show you just that.

But here’s the thing – talking about being innovative is one thing, but being genuinely innovative is something else. It’s about having a design mindset that pushes you to think outside the box and come up with game-changing solutions. It can be a bit tricky, though, because having too much industry experience can sometimes lock you into incremental changes because you’re influenced by the industry you’re in. On the flip side, not having that industry background is an opportunity for disruptive innovation even if you need a learning curve. That’s why at Arionkoder we strive to work in as many industries as we can, so that we can take what works in one and bring it over to another, in a cross-pollination practice.

Being innovative is about learning and sharing the knowledge we gain from it and making it available for future challenges we might face. That’s why we’ve created a new operational model we call “The Flow” based on extreme collaboration: it’s about tearing down barriers and crafting better stories for humanity.

To sum it up, innovation thrives when you’ve got a structure that fosters creativity, experience in different fields, and a model that breaks down knowledge silos. So when we see that we’re making a real difference in an industry, we bring together our experiences to create a Reshape Studio by Arionkoder. For example, we had incredible results within the Oil and Gas industry and realized that our experiences and ideas, mixed with what we’ve picked up from other fields, can be valuable. This way, we decided to create the Reshape Oil and Gas Studio by Arionkoder. We’ve already created the Healthcare Studio, and others such as the Retail Reshape Studio are on their way. And more will come, as we create impact in different places. These studios craft tailored innovation processes for each sector with inputs from other experiences, and are part of Arionkoder. However, Arionkoder at its core remains industry-agnostic, since our strength is the ability to combine Design, Science and Engineering.

There’s a thin line between being stubborn with senseless ideas and being a visionary with ideas that make sense. What we bring to the table at Arionkoder is innovation that is scientifically validated. Our ideas are designed with care, backed by solid engineering, and put to the test. This is what sets us apart and makes sure our ideas have a real-world foundation.

This view of innovation isn’t easy, and our solution isn’t a cakewalk. What keeps us going, breaking down barriers, and coming up with game-changing solutions is our belief that this is how we live our purpose: making the world better for all of us because innovation isn’t a solo act; it’s something we all do together. So, why not join us in keeping that spark of innovation alive and thinking about how it can change the world?