Tech Agility Unveiled: The Clear Advantages of Staff Augmentation

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By Eric Tornquist

January 29, 2024

In recent years, the business landscape has witnessed a growing preference for staff augmentation as a reliable approach to focusing on their core business and a strategic move for companies aiming to attain flexibility, access top-notch talent, and enhance operational efficiency

This preference has manifested in various scenarios, including the production of hardware, products, and services. The increasing demand for talent and shortages in some regions have compelled companies to search for the right talent and partners in different areas, leading to the adoption of staff augmentation services worldwide. While staff augmentation’s main benefit is that it allows you to focus on core competencies and business expansion by freeing you from tech operational hassles, it’s far from the only one. Let’s delve into the top 10 benefits applicable to businesses of diverse types and verticals.

  1. Scalability to grow without limits. With Staff Augmentation, wider pools of talent can be assembled quickly,  flexibly and at efficient costs. This enables your company to scale up your operations, and ultimately the entire business, knowing you can rely on robust tech partners like Arionkoder that are ready to expand your operations instantly. We’ve helped numerous companies do this, starting our team with just a few members and scaling up to tens of experts working together for the company’s goals.
  1. Access a wider talent pool. Finding the resources your company needs, in a short timeframe and in your own location can quickly become an arduous task. With Staff Augmentation, in contrast, you gain access to a wide talent pool that is close to your region but not necessarily in it, has the skills you require, and is ready to delve into your projects at full speed. Arionkoder, for instance, becomes your bridge to LatAm and taps into the region’s talent pool to recruit, manage and coordinate your new or extended tech teams while you deal with a US company only.
  2. Cost efficiencies. When you choose Staff Augmentation as a growth strategy, you transition from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market in terms of talent. Your business gains access to highly skilled professionals, just as talented as US-based ones, at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. This is especially relevant in a context of economic uncertainty, applies to companies of all sizes and industries, and represents a good solution to strengthen and diversify your tech teams. At Arionkoder, we’ve found this represents cost efficiencies of up to 40% for our clients, truly making a difference that enables them to allocate their resources optimally.
  3. New skillsets. By exposure to different, specialized professionals, your business can gain access to new skillsets that might not be locally available, developing the necessary abilities to tackle increasingly complex projects and challenges. More and more, at Arionkoder we’ve found that our augmented teams are not tasked with mundane or routine projects but new strategies and innovation projects that can define the company’s future as a result of the skills they hold.
  4. Enhanced flexibility. Staff Augmentation can give you access to elastic teams that grow with demand, reducing risks and overhead costs associated with fluctuating teams and preparing your company to respond to changing market conditions, which gives it an additional edge. By relying on reputable companies like Arionkoder, you gain the ease of mind of being supported by a team who pivots at your speed.
  5. Quality deliverables. Accessing the most qualified talent through robust partners not only generates developments of superior quality, but also gives you access to Quality Assurance and Control, certifying your needs are met at high standards. In Arionkoder, our Customer Value Assurance area ensures all deliverables are not only of a high quality, but also meet your own standards of value.
  6. Shorter time to market. Staff  Augmentation can help you get products and services to market faster, by enabling faster development and testing cycles. This ensures you hit the ground running, with the additional advantage of being able to make all necessary changes to ensure the best possible market fit.
  7. Access to latest technologies. By working with a reputable partner like Arionkoder, your company gains access to talent that is highly skilled in the latest cutting-edge technologies. This is a decisive step when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. At Arionkoder, we ensure our teams are constantly professionalizing and gaining new skills, which enables them to deliver top value in all of their projects.
  8. Cultivating innovation. Staff augmentation not only broadens your access to diverse skill sets, as discussed earlier, but it also serves as a catalyst for unlocking untapped potential within your existing teams.It sparks collaborative innovation, elevates your team’s creativity and helps you solve complex situations. Arionkoder facilitates this synergy by embedding a Design Thinking approach in all of our teams, propelling your ideas beyond conventional boundaries and uncovering new avenues for growth and success.
  9. Focus on Core Competencies. You can focalize all of your energy to your own core competencies, growth, and expansion as a result of freeing up internal resources from the hassle of tech operations. Strong tech partners like Arionkoder make this possible by delivering the team you need promptly and customizing it to your specific requirements.

Arionkoder, a Boston-based specialized Staff Augmentation company, stands ready to help you achieve your goals, transform your results and push the boundaries of what’s possible with our scores of experts in all areas of technology and software. Reach out to us at and discover that with us, nothing is impossible.