Did you know that an AI can find common patterns between different fingerprints of the same person?

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By Natalie Golffed

January 26, 2024

In the world of forensics, fingerprints have long been considered the gold standard for linking individuals to crimes. However, recent groundbreaking research by Columbia investigators challenges this fundamental belief. An AI system, developed by the team, has demonstrated an impressive 77% accuracy in matching different fingerprints from the same person, shattering the traditional notion of fingerprint uniqueness.  This discovery not only challenges forensic principles but also opens new possibilities for forensic analysis that could have a significant impact on legal cases. 

The researchers conducted an analysis of 60,000 fingerprint pairs from a government database, using an AI system designed to focus on the shape and curvature in the centers of prints, rather than traditional ridge details. The system’s accuracy reached 77% for single pairs, a figure that significantly increased when presented with multiple pairs.

This approach represents a departure from conventional forensic methods, highlighting the potential of AI to uncover patterns that may elude human analysis. The use of deep learning techniques, capable of learning from billions of samples, proves instrumental in making these groundbreaking discoveries.

The implications of this AI-led discovery extend beyond forensics. Similar breakthroughs have been witnessed in fields like medicine, where AI has been employed to discover novel biomarkers based on images. However, caution is necessary as the newfound patterns must be validated for authenticity, addressing potential biases in data. Incorporating explanation mechanisms, such as class activation maps or uncertainty estimates, becomes evident. This discovery serves as a reminder that AI is not merely a tool for reproducing existing knowledge but also a new tool for novel scientific breakthroughs, even challenging long-standing beliefs.

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