Nearshoring is now bigger than ever

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By Natalie Golffed

August 26, 2021

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Nearshoring used to sound foreign and complicated. But as the concept progressed, walls came down. At Arion, we’ve simplified and streamlined this process to help you grow quickly, efficiently and with guaranteed quality.

It used to be scary. Even hair-rising. The feeling of handing over your company’s expertise and good name to others, far away from your direct control, used to be daunting. But luckily, more options than ever are now available to make your company grow with a global workforce. 

Nearshoring is not new, but it has evolved in terms of what’s to gain from it. Originally meant as a way to access human resources at more efficient costs, it then grew on to focus on talent: not only people who can do the task, but individuals who excel at it. As time went on, stability was pondered as well, since it meant that the service could be uniformly provided.

This model worked (and works) wonders for companies where the outsourced tasks were primarily routinary and technical. But at some point this also gave way to added value as a way to solidify the relationship between providers and hiring companies, and involved going above and beyond what was originally stipulated. For example, automation of repetitive tasks is important, but even more so is the revision of those processes.

We are now one step higher. We expect innovation with a human, empathetic view. This is what separates partners from outsourcing providers. And staff augmentation is no different: value must be a part of the equation in order to actually be part of the solution.

Through all of these iterations, one region has had an impressive development: Latin America. Its time zones and cultural affinity make this region a natural match for the North American market. 

We are an American company, but because of the way we work at Arion we know Latin America well. The region is full of talent, which is why we hire everywhere instead of in a single country. This, coupled with our multiple teams and offices across the region gives us a thorough understanding of the full picture. Our common language helps us thrive and operate as clockwork.

We are already helping a big -and increasing- number of companies to grow, supported by our people. We’ve accelerated processes, automated repetitive tasks, increased reliability and planning abilities and so much more.

It’s simple. You want to grow, we can make it happen.