Conversational AI can now have conversations in natural language, delivering an amazing customer experience.

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By Natalie Golffed

September 2, 2021

Miami, Florida, US, August 30, 2021 —

is thrilled to announce the beginning of a partnership with Artificial Solutions, which will bring to the Americas the power of conversational AI: a powerful tool with direct impacts on customer service and satisfaction that can understand natural language and respond accordingly.


Digital transformation, in Arionkoder’s eyes, is putting the customer first. It’s making their experience simpler, quicker and more effective. And most importantly, more meaningful and human. 

To deliver this, decisions should be quick, almost instant. This is why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with Artificial Solutions, a global leader, award-winning company focusing on the development of conversational AI technology in over 80 languages, adaptable to all devices, platforms and industries. For Arionkoder, this represents a big step towards our goal of becoming a digital transformation powerhouse. 

For the first time, Artificial Solutions is reaching customers in the Americas through Arionkoder, and helping companies, organizations and tech partners implement Artificial Intelligence solutions in an out-of-the-box, effective manner that delivers actionable customer insight. The Americas is an especially suitable region for this, since so many organizations and companies will find their daily operations easier with the aid of this partnership.

This technology is based on natural language, both written and verbal, as well as gestures and touch, and it’s applied using their TENEO platform in an easy, scalable way. Teneo is designed for enterprise use and allows businesses to create conversational bots in 86 languages and across multiple communication channels, in an agile and efficient way. The ability to analyze and make use of the enormous quantities of conversational data is fully integrated within Teneo, delivering unprecedented levels of data insights.

To kickstart this collaboration, Artificial Solutions and Arionkoder will be hosting a virtual session on September 7th, 2021, to discuss the opportunities that Conversational AI is offering to businesses that are in the journey of digital transformation. To learn more about this session and register, please click here.

Arionkoder is a digital solutions company focused on creating business outcomes that drive value and innovation, with teams distributed all over the Americas, which allows a special understanding of all Latin America, teams of the highest quality, and real time deliveries from multiple locations.

Artificial Solutions is a Swedish company that lists in the SSME stock market and NASDAQ, with Patents and Intellectual Property valued at 100M.

We are ready to quickly deploy and implement this technology and help your business today. 

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