Connecting Through The Flow: The Power of Storytelling at Arionkoder

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By Martin Bouza

November 14, 2023

I recently shared with you a new operational model that we at Arionkoder launched this year and dubbed The Flow. This model is all about transforming how we work internally, fostering extreme collaboration, transparency, and a no-ego approach. There’s another critical element that plays a vital role in making The Flow thrive, and it’s a personal favorite of mine: storytelling.

I really enjoy storytelling. It’s a lot like my hobby as a sommelier. Wine is everywhere, but what makes it special are the stories behind each bottle – its origins, the types of grapes used, and the history behind those choices. And just like for wine, our connections to others are shaped by the stories we tell about us and what we’re looking forward to.

You see, The Flow represents a shift from the traditional structures we’ve seen in organizations for years. It breaks free from the limits that hold both people and the company back from reaching their full potential. We think of Arionkoder as a living entity that is nurtured with innovation and design through its people.

To nurture The Flow, we have to be vulnerable, open and honest. That means admitting when we don’t know something, asking for help when we need it, and sharing creative ideas, even if they sound a little wild. Innovation is in our DNA, and when we see companies say they’re innovative and set up special departments for innovation that actually stifle it, we feel they’re missing the chance to build innovation from cooperation and vulnerability. True innovation needs freedom, teamwork, and cooperation, without rigid rules.

This vulnerability is vital for another key part of The Flow: storytelling. From tribes gathering by the fire to troubadours and minstrels, and even to influencers today, stories have been used forever to share, connect, learn, and motivate. Today, storytelling is how we at Arionkoder explain what we do, convince others to join us, build pride in our team, and tie together all the different parts of our evolving company.

But the beauty of storytelling is that it doesn’t just tell you what we do. It makes you excited to be part of it, understand how it all works, and add your own piece to the story. It encourages people to ask questions and keep learning.

Arionkoder is not here to rip pages off a book that someone else wrote, we’re here to write new pages ourselves. We’ll use proven solutions but also find or even create new solutions when things don’t go as planned. We might not have all the answers right away, but we keep searching. That’s our superpower.

This holds true both when we talk to each other and when we meet new clients. The story is the same and coherent each time: each person tells it in their own way, and according to their audience. All Arionics are storymakers and storytellers, regardless of what they do inside the company, and all of them tell it from their hears with a shared purpose and vision for the future.

We believe in our approach, and we’re ready to work together without egos. We’re not just reading a story; we’re the ones writing it. Join us as we build history together.