When results aren’t happening, you should look at yourself first. A review of the role of a tech leader.

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By Mario Tucci

January 12, 2023

Tech leaders have many responsibilities, both inside and outside their companies. To understand their needs and pains, our CRO and co-founder Mario Tucci analyzed the role.

Tech Leaders have typical business-oriented responsibilities

Today, leaders in the technology sector align the company to what customers expect, want and prefer. A technology leader will have to manage what already exists and improve it and, in turn, integrate new advances. For example, what to do with Artificial Intelligence? How do we serve our clients through multiple channels? That is why they must be a business-focused person, with the skills to organize the technological part both with his own team and with third parties that help him in specific areas. At the same time, they should be able to help position their company through opinions and presence in their community. 

Tech leaders also have human-centric responsibilities

As tech leaders, it’s important to know that what will make you successful are results and those are achieved as a team. Good leaders should make a habit of applauding the results of their teams. And when results aren’t happening, you should look at yourself first.

Some leaders fear the future and call it ‘difficult’. When you get to it, it’s already late. That is why it’s necessary to execute as if it were the last day and assume that the future is a continuum, not an objective in itself. 

The key to being a good tech leader lies in identifying who you work for. This might sound simple, but I believe that if you work for your boss, you are not a leader but rather a manager. If you work for your clients, you’re a leader.

Staying relevant as a leader requires continuous curiosity, empathy with new problems and an appreciation of different points of view. Helping others helps all of us grow. A good leader inspires not only those within the organization, but also its customers, community, and often even competitors themselves.

There are no leaders without teams

Creating teams that are motivated by purpose, that share the way they do things, the ethics of achieving goals, the role of diversity in opinions and personalities, is the main function of the leader. Leaders create teams that, united, don’t accept failure. Failure is not falling short of achieving a goal, but rather not being able to explain how that goal was not attained. And, therefore, not having learned anything from the experience.

A good leader chooses a team that is diverse in experience and skills, but totally aligned in ambitions and dreams. The team protects the purpose. And if the means to reach our goals are varied, perhaps it is even better because it can help drive innovation.

High-performing teams align to dreams, and then execute and improve the plans and go back to improving and executing again. The question is not “What can you do?”, but “What do you want to do in your team?”. And that answer is the key to the creation of the winning team.

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