Time to Find a New Tech Partner? A Handbook for Professionally Changing Tech Partners

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By Armin Gebauer

December 15, 2023

All across the US, companies have varying levels of experience with Tech Nearshoring and Staff Augmentation processes. While some are just exploring these strategies for the first time, others have relied on them for years. However, even longstanding partnerships can face challenges, and it’s crucial not to settle for anything less than an optimal collaboration. In this article, we explore how to navigate transitions and revitalize partnerships in Tech Staff Augmentation.

Replacing existing Staff Augmentation teams can seem challenging and significantly impact business results. Finding a partner that aligns with your energy, workflows, and dynamics can positively influence your teams and drive better outcomes. Yet, companies often grapple with uncertainty when contemplating this shift, and confusion as to how to actively bring about change. Let’s explore the main options companies have to effectively explore new partnerships in Staff Augmentation.

Option 1. Start Small for a Seamless Transition

One effective strategy involves beginning with a new partner on a smaller and complex adjacent project with the longer-term goal of replacing the existing team. This approach is particularly relevant for projects demanding a high level of skills, where a specialized company can seamlessly take over. It can also be employed when a smaller team is capable of handling a specific aspect of the challenge independently. By starting small, you get the chance to intimately understand the new team’s practices and dynamics. As confidence and the relationship grow, you may discover that this is the ideal partner to meet your current needs. This also provides a perspective on if the team is dimensioned and sized properly.

Option 2. Smooth Transition through Shadowing and Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge and Intellectual Property stand out as the key assets for most software organizations, making its preservation and protection of utmost importance for business continuity. A way to ensure this know-how is not lost when facing the prospect of changing tech partners is by shadowing: a strategic process where new teams follow the teams currently in charge of the tasks, and learn from close observation and trial in an overlap period. Shadowing includes observation, regular briefings and, of course, hands-on experience to truly grasp and register processes and flows. Every piece of information gleaned through the process becomes instrumental in guaranteeing a smooth and efficient knowledge transfer during the shift to a new tech partner. 

Option 3. Transition Operations with Minimal Disruption

Robust tech partners like Arionkoder understand the intricacies of transitioning tech operations seamlessly with no adverse impact to performance. A seamless transition is not just a technical process: it also involves human factors. From due diligence to transition and stabilization, successful transitions consider both technical and human aspects. Arionkoder, for instance, offers a streamlined approach that minimizes project risks and optimizes processes to deliver exceptional value.

Alliance Entertainment, a collectibles company and Arionkoder customer, needed to transition operations from its previous providers with no downtime. By fully supporting their operations and acting as part of their team, we helped preserve the company’s stellar reputation while giving its users memorable experiences. Find the complete case here.

Regardless of the decision made, it must be aligned with a company strategy, goals, objectives, and resources. Transitioning to a new partner should enhance scalability, elasticity and growth. If you’re ready to make a strategic decision that elevates your business to new heights, Arionkoder is here to help. With our Nearshoring by Design framework, we not only minimize project risks but also optimize key processes to deliver the exceptional value your business deserves. Ready for a transformative partnership? Reach out to us at hello@arionkoder.com. Together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve!