The Grit to Shape Tomorrow: Building a Future that Transcends Time

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By Martin Bouza

September 4, 2023

The ability to shape our future rests in our hands, whether it’s a future just around the corner or stretching two centuries ahead. It’s a realization that we have countless avenues to explore and create lasting transformations, joined by thousands of other forward-thinkers who are envisioning a future free from constraints. That’s the realization I had when, at 8 years old, my grandfather gave me my first Isaac Asimov book. I spent hours imagining different futures and discussing them with him, and this radically transformed the way I think about the future and how we can play a significant role in it.

We are shaped by many factors, both within and beyond our control: genetics, upbringing, the perspectives of those around us, and our own drive and imagination. However, what truly sets us apart is our desire to shape the future and the strength of the purpose behind it. Just as we don’t embark on a flight without a destination in mind, we must envision ourselves in the future we wish to create and have unwavering faith in our ability to make a tangible impact. Purpose-driven belief distinguishes dreamers from achievers. This holds true for visionaries like Edison and the lightbulb, and like Musk and Tesla, and so many others.

Time is different for everyone. Children experience it as a vast expanse, full of curiosity and excitement. As we grow older, time seems to slip away faster. But no matter how we perceive it, we all have the ability to shape the future. There are two timelines we can examine when we are building the future: short-term and long-term.

In the short term, our focus is on making a tangible impact that can be seen and felt, with the power to improve lives and make a difference in the short-term future. However, it’s important to recognize that as time goes on, the world will undergo tremendous changes, and the solutions that we create under this category may not be relevant anymore in, say, 30 years.

But in the long term, we’re thinking of a different kind of change marked by the ability to transform and expand minds, creating new ways of thinking that can leave a lasting impact. Personally, I aspire to nurture fresh perspectives and ensure they endure, shaping the future for generations to come. By instilling this mindset, we can prepare minds that will tackle humanity’s significant challenges. This is how we leave a meaningful legacy and make a greater impact on the world. My company Arionkoder’s purpose is to create better futures for humanity, and that’s what the long term is all about.

Building the future is challenging, and takes determination and ambition. That’s why it’s sometimes only a desire but not a goal. Creating the future doesn’t mean predicting or guessing: it’s about taking tangible steps forward while we believe in what we’re doing. I encourage you to step into your role as a creator of the future you envision. Start today by finding your purpose, and watch as the paths for change become clear. Count on my support as you embark on this meaningful journey: together, let’s bring about extraordinary change and create a future of purpose and fulfillment.