The Chessboard of Tech Nearshoring: Picking Your Winning Move

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By Armin Gebauer

October 20, 2023

I’ve got a soft spot for chess – the intricate and unique moves, the anticipation of your strategy, and the way it all comes together to fulfill your objectives is a lot like the business world. And as a tech nearshoring advocate for over 10 years now, I’ve often wondered about the best moves for companies. There’s an age-old question that companies have been pondering: hiring versus contracting. And I believe that question is flawed, because it’s not about two options but rather about three. You see, contracting is wide: it’s not the same to rely on individual contractors than to work with serious, robust companies who can supply talent outside of hiring. Let’s analyze the alternatives so it becomes clearer:

Hiring full-time talent has been the go-to for fostering commitment and dedication. But we’ve all seen the Great Resignation and learned that hiring isn’t always a definite thing. You might gain in-house expertise, but without robust collaboration, it might not stick. It also involves a hefty price tag, with salaries, benefits, paid time off, taxes, and overheads. There’s also the recruiting process costs – selecting, negotiating, and retaining. You should also consider that hiring locally can limit your talent pool, making it tougher to scale up or down as your projects evolve.

Contracting offers a very different perspective. It’s lighter on long-term commitments, which makes it more cost-effective and adaptable to your immediate needs. The flexibility it offers allows for swift adjustments in team size as projects demand. If specialized skills are required, contracting is often the more practical choice, as the need might not be permanent. The administrative burden is lighter, freeing you from many of the HR complexities. However, there’s that lingering question about commitment and control with individual contractors.

But it all changes when, instead of working with individual contractors, you work with a company that specializes in delivering and managing tech experts for your nearshoring needs. This is where Arionkoder comes in: we specialize in delivering and managing top-tier tech experts for your nearshoring needs. When you hire a member of Arionkoder, you’re not just hiring an individual; you’re engaging the entire company, from tech experts to tribe leads who advocate for you. We’re dedicated to supporting our people, which, in turn, means we’re dedicated to helping you succeed. As a US-based company, we handle all the administrative and legal intricacies, simplifying your interactions.

Our team members receive regular training in both tech and soft skills to excel in what they do. With a diverse talent pool, we offer the flexibility to scale your project as needed. At Arionkoder, you can always count on us to have the solution, because it’s not just about talent: it’s about finding a partner committed to your success.

Just like in chess, every move needs careful consideration. Your choice depends on your project’s unique needs, budget, and long-term goals. By embracing the nearshoring approach, you’re setting your company up for success in an ever-evolving and fiercely competitive digital landscape. You’re not just a player; you’re a leader and an innovation trailblazer.

At Arionkoder, our Nearshoring by Design framework makes the path smoother, reducing project risks and optimizing key processes to deliver the value your business requires. If you’re ready to make a strategic decision for your business, reach out to us at Together, let’s make those winning moves towards your goals!