Say Goodbye to Tech Talent Shortages: Nearshoring is closer than you think – and can recharge your business!

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By Armin Gebauer

April 13, 2023

In recent years, tech nearshoring has become an increasingly sought-after option for businesses looking to access scarce top talent, gain flexibility and efficiencies, and overall improve their operations. When it comes to finding the right talent, companies stand to gain a lot from nearshoring their operations to regions such as Latin America, with vast pools of talented tech workers motivated and eager to help companies grow and scale.

Here is real data about the size of the real challenge that is faced by the talent challenge. 

  • The skill shortage will represent an approximate $8.5 trillion loss in potential annual revenue by 2030, and about 90 million tech positions won’t be covered. 
  • If your company is facing complications trying to find the right tech talent, you’re certainly not alone. 77% of employers report difficulty in filling tech roles in the US and Canada according to Manpower Group. It’s doubled since 2015 and it’s at an all-time high.
  • If your company does currently have tech talent, remember that an estimated 40% of employees are looking for new jobs. And in a War for Talent context, odds are that they will quickly rotate.

The talent shortage can directly impact your business causing a  slowdown in innovation, complications to meet tech project deadlines, overburdening of current employees and general struggles to scale up your business.

However, the good news is there is a solution: nearshoring. Latin America, with its 650 million inhabitants, boasts massive talent pools available for work with its 750,000 annual tech graduates. The region has positioned itself as a strong and qualified player, with vast expertise in all fields of tech: from design to engineering, from data to AI. And not only that: its positioning as a tech hub attracts important companies to the region. These companies hire talent that is then back in the market, with expertise and know-how rivaling their US peers.

If you’re wondering how to tap into LatAm’s pools and leverage a proven process and framework for success, Arionkoder can help. We shield companies from the hassles of recruitment, management and even legal/admin needs. From selecting and hiring to onboarding and managing teams, we centralize and execute operations from both a technical and an administrative perspective in a single partner, so you can focus on growing your business with no risks.


Our hiring process, built with years of experience by design, looks to find technical and cultural fit, ensuring that our clients have the best possible match for their needs. We only hire 3% of all applicants, achieving this in less than half the time than the industry’s average of 40 days via our vast talent network that can tap the best candidates based on the profile we establish with our clients. We accomplish this by relying on our talent pools, our strong recruitment teams and streamlined processes that are both automated and human-centric.


During the onboarding process, we provide our new hires with everything they need to succeed, from tools to information, that will support them as they deliver their best work. We support our talent with both human and technical initiatives, such as our professional expertise groups. This reduces our attrition levels to unprecedented levels -lower than the industry average-, and helps us retain top talent that makes a difference.

Continuous support and improvement

Once onboarded, team members and clients alike require nurturing and support in order to excel and perform to expectations. There are three constructs that can help build this success:

Tribe Lead – Think of this as a customer advocate to support the client by building a strong understanding of the team members and the client’s needs. The skill is finding that balance so the path to success can be achieved. 

Subject Matter Experts – From time to time, projects need support and expertise to work through technical challenges and the onus of this should just not be on the client. A solid partner should have available executive experts in technology and product to support these challenges.  Additionally, with the changing technology landscape having experts to tap into new and challenging domains like AI are a huge asset in helping clients navigate hurdles.

Guilds – Guilds are technical communities that both the clients and team members can leverage when help is needed on an on-demand basis. No team member is too far away from a strong community of peers who can provide timely support to bounce ideas or give advice. These guilds are built around technology stacks like React, Swift and Amazon and industry verticals. 

In summary, Latin America is a prime location with no talent shortages, and companies benefit enormously from tapping into LatAm’s tech talent. You too can nearshore your tech operations by relying on Arionkoder’s proven framework of Nearshoring by Design to eliminate risk in your project and optimize key processes in the engagement to ensure value creation. We can help you make a decision that will make a difference for your business. If you want to learn more about Nearshoring by Design, reach out to us at and discover that with us, sky’s the limit!