Reflections on Arionkoder’s 4th Birthday: The Path to Excellence

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By Martin Bouza

May 28, 2024

Birthdays are special—they celebrate life and all we’ve become and overcome. They offer a chance for self-reflection and awareness, and as I always say, they help us avoid the complacency that often blinds us and is the archenemy of the extraordinary. Just this past week, Arionkoder turned 4, and I want to reflect on its birth and evolution.

Arionkoder and the pandemic share something in common: we were born almost simultaneously. Yes, against all odds. With a black swan event unfolding before our eyes, causing incredible instability in markets and lives, some of us decided it was the perfect time to start painting better futures for humanity by aiming for the extraordinary through what we love most—technology.

We knew it would take a lot of work, not only because of the context but also because of our mindset limitations. We didn’t want to follow the pack. We chose the hardest path on purpose, convinced that it was the only way to aim for the extraordinary -and we still think that’s how it goes-.

Now, four years later, having achieved unprecedented milestones, it’s time to remember where we came from and that our goal remains the same. It’s time to acknowledge that we are just starting. This quest has and will continue to demand hard work and the belief that we not only can but rather must be the best: this is a key condition to walk the imperfect path to the extraordinary. You have to aim for the best because, rest assured, there will be times when we will be hit hard, and only with that grit will we be able to get back up and continue the fight.

Only winners get remembered, period. If you’re reading this and it resonates with you, know there are several ways to aim for first place. Here are some things I believe can help you get there:

  • Be extremely professional in everything you do. That’s the only way to keep improving.
  • Set your priorities right. You can’t do everything, so focus on what’s important.
  • Collaborate with others. Nobody can win alone.
  • Honor your word. People don’t believe in talkers; they believe in doers. If you promise something, deliver it. Don’t disappoint.
  • Don’t complain. In technology, we have the luxury of working in an industry that’s shaping the world while making us a very good living. Enjoy it and earn that luxury every day.
  • Be curious. Old recipes can’t solve new challenges. Curiosity is a superpower for innovation.
  • Believe you can. Because you can.

As someone once said, “The future is not something you enter; it is something you create.” I invite you to dare to live an extraordinary life and celebrate its milestones, creating a better future for all.