Numbers with a Heartbeat: Arionkoder’s 2023 review

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By Martin Bouza

December 27, 2023

As the clock ticks towards midnight and we raise our glasses to welcome the new year, that special moment always moves me. I’m with family and friends, and my heart grows as we celebrate the ups and downs we’ve faced together this year, toasting to our happiness and health in the coming year.

I want to share with you some of the things I’ll be thinking about at that moment, with gratitude for an awesome team, a great leadership team at the helm, fantastic customers and partners, and a global community looking to make an impact on humanity’s well-being. Let’s take a look at what happened at warp speed:

  1. We launched our AI Labs as a playground space to experiment, innovate, and find the best models in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for our clients’ needs and growth. We have seen firsthand the impact that having a robust model and mindset can have.
  2. Our Reshape Studios are transforming the Healthcare, Retail, and Energy industries with findings from cross-pollination, driving value from untapped sources.
  3. We’re bridging the gap between scientists, designers, and tech experts in Latin America and entrepreneurs in the US. Through these connections, we’re assisting top minds in achieving their goals and highlighting the exceptional talent from Latin America.
  4. The Flow, our new operational model, is helping us enhance our collaboration and storytelling, making us easy to use and allowing us to write new stories with each of our clients.
  5. We opened our 3rd office, and now we’re present in Boston, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires. This helps us be closer to our clients and teams: working together and looking at each other in the eyes is still special to us. In our Boston office, we host old and new clients, partners, and the community to build our bonds, and visit them where they are as well. We’re also expanding our presence by participating, sponsoring, and even hosting events of our own in both the US and Latin America.
  6. Arionkoder’s Reshape Grant is here to assist startup companies in developing and strengthening their product and AI/ML capabilities, and broaden their impact. While our first edition focused on companies in the healthcare space, upcoming editions will address a variety of other problem spaces.
  7. Our team has grown a lot, both in terms of numbers and the value we deliver. We are now 100 Arionics, building a community that gives back to global society through our expertise and work. And to maximize impacts even further, our Tribe Leads team has tripled to advocate for our clients, build communicational bridges, and deliver excellence in their results. Our Sales and People and Culture teams have also expanded to help us keep up with the pace of our growth.
  8. Internally, we’re refining and streamlining our operations backed by our wonderful team. From embedding AI in everything we do to becoming data-centric and even building our own tools for better results, we’re strengthening Arionkoder with our joint work. We also keep growing and empowering our Guilds, internal networks of experts focused around particular skill sets, to train the rest of the teams as well as support them as they create top-notch solutions for our clients’ challenges.
  9. Our product area is one that I’m especially proud of. We’re serving more and more clients, industries, and people with tailored digital products that help them in different areas of their lives. This year alone, we’ve launched many interesting new products that are human-centric, and we’re actively working on doubling that for release very soon.

That’s quite a list, and I’m sure many people would consider they’ve had a great year from reading it. But to me, what stands out when I think of 2023 is that we impacted 287 million people with our work. This is 287,000,000 individuals with dreams, challenges, and goals. People with family and friends, facing issues in health, finance, retail, energy, and so many other spaces. And it brings a smile to my face knowing that we’re making a difference in something that’s important to them.

Arionkoder’s purpose is to craft better futures for humanity. We’ll never be done because it’s always possible to make it better. But feeling – believing – we’re on the right track, and with the energy and resources to keep achieving the impossible with our eyes set on the future gives me joy.

As we step into 2024, I wish you a year where you get closer to your purpose and feel the elation of knowing you’re making a positive impact.