Joining forces with OncoRx Insights in the fight against cancer

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By Natalie Golffed

July 19, 2022

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with OncoRx Insights in the quest to fight cancer. The aim of our partnership is the creation of a digital community that connects the most relevant stakeholders: patients, oncologists and the pharmaceutical industry, in order to improve and empower the health outcomes after diagnosis.

“Our role in the partnership will be the design of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence proprietary model.”

Between the US and the EU, 4.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. In a context where genomic sequencing is becoming more accessible and new treatments are emerging -3500 immunotherapies are currently in the development pipeline-, making cancer treatment information hard to keep up with and treatment decisions more complex. In essence, all of this information is data in extremely large volumes. And here’s where Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence come in, as superb tools for their processing and transformation into actionable insights.

Once we also consider the advent of digital health as a path to connection with patients and the strengthening of technology and its capabilities to process medical records and diagnostic reports using Natural Language Processing, as well as the ability to correlate treatments to patient outcomes, the impact we expect this product will achieve is remarkable. 

Our role in the partnership will be the design of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence proprietary model, which will include elements such as cancer type, grading, classification according to NCCN guidelines and others. This model is behind the product’s smart interactions. 

This product will serve patients, oncologists and pharma in different ways:

  • Patients can now learn about their particular gene mutation and available cancer treatments, amplifying their chances of finding reliable information in a previously impossible way. This product will also serve as a tool for their advocacy that alerts them of new drugs and trials that might benefit them. 
  • Oncologists will have an innovative tool that enables them to access information that they might not have had access to before, in order to improve decision-making and response times for their patients. As a single point of access for all information on new drugs and clinical trials, they can receive pertinent, customized recommendations regarding treatment according to the cancer’s molecular characteristics. They can also easily consult with peers on specific cases through a virtual tumor board capability. 
  • Pharma will have the opportunity to create awareness with patients and oncologists that might benefit from their treatments, gain close access to both oncologists & patients in order to support them through this process.

“We’re excited to find a partner that can help us develop and design our digital community aimed at connecting oncologists, patients and the pharmaceutical industry to help improve outcomes after diagnosis”, said Dave Parkhill, CEO at OncoRx Insights.

“For Arionkoder it’s very meaningful to contribute and make a positive impact on humanity in this way. We’re looking forward to applying Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a way that improves the quality of life of so many people”, expressed Martín Bouza, CEO at Arionkoder.

All information is processed anonymously, and only registered treatments and medications will be involved. High measures of security will be put in place to make sure the digital product is compliant with all applicable regulations.

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