Happy 2022! A letter from our CEO

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By Eric Tornquist

December 29, 2021

Happy new year! That’s what we all say to our loved ones at midnight on Dec 31st. And it’s true, we wish everybody well. Probably, when we make that wish, we aren’t taking into account that a big chunk of that happiness had to be cemented before that moment, even if there’s always room for luck and unexpected things that come our way. 😉

At Arionkoder we have done lots of cementing and strengthening, and this has come from what we’ve learned from our customers.

We have streamlined processes and redefined our mindset to make sure we will be better next year, easier to use and more innovative than ever before.

In 2021 we accomplished a lot of goals. Some of them have impacted us, true, but our biggest accomplishment is helping our partners maximize their impact on the world.

  • We have positively impacted 71MM+ people through the joint effort of our partners’ and our work, and we’re setting for ourselves the goal of impacting 10X as many people by this time next year. 
  • We have proud Arionics in 20+ major cities around the world and have developed an amazing team that is more committed than ever. In 2022 this will grow at increased rates, again!
  • We increased our revenue by 6x, and through our improved processes and the new technologies we’ve incorporated, we will continue to expand at speed in 2022.
  • We built a rocking office in our Montevideo hub, and other relevant locations are on their way! We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our first US location, coming very soon.

We have spent about 2 months planning ahead and making sure every Arionic is aware of what our goals are for next year. This means all of us, as a team, can keep moving forward at an exponential pace that enables us to focus on the future and on what we do best: craft the future, product by product.

We see ourselves as a product and we believe in the constant improvement model: we’ll always push our limits to make sure we bring the most value to our customers and to our team. This is the reason behind our constant iterations and improvements, that help us deliver the best value for our partners.

So yes. I am confident we will have a happy new year and we are thrilled to help as many people as we can to have a happy new year too. 

Happy 2022! 😉 And stay tuned for all the amazing news from us coming your way, starting January.

Martín Bouza
CEO and co-founder