Everything Everywhere All at Once: Exploring Leadership and Purpose

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By Martin Bouza

April 3, 2024

Do you ever feel like we’re lacking inspiring leaders? Were there more impactful leaders in the past, or is it just me?

I find myself underwhelmed by many business leaders today. They seem to float around, purposeless, jumping onto the next venture that is sure to make them richer than we ever thought possible. Or maybe that is their purpose, and I find it unfulfilling in my view of life. Inspiration stems from a purpose that resonates with us deep within, not from faceless corporations without human-centered values. In any case, it becomes obvious that having a clear purpose is a guiding light in our decisions, which makes these individuals’ behaviors even more concerning. In a world where ethical choices outweigh technical and operational capabilities, we need purpose more than ever to ensure we remain human at our core.

Some days, I look around and wonder where all the visionary leaders have gone – those who look to the future instead of dwelling on the past or present. We are lacking philosophers and thinkers who can help us answer the fundamental question of life: What are we here for, and how do we achieve that? We have plenty of voices and more platforms and devices than ever, more so than at any other point in time, but not enough conversations around these crucial questions.

Leadership and purpose should always go hand in hand because they are present together always, everywhere. As long as there’s a purpose, there’s a leader who pushes towards it. I consider leaders responsible when they nudge collectives to answer pressing questions about who we are and what gives us meaning, and this is extremely necessary since we already have enough reporters and commentators merely describing and analyzing events without delving deeper. Humanity has come this far with leaders who unite us and propel us forward. Yet, in today’s materialistic world where revenue is more celebrated than clarity and depth, it’s easy to overlook the importance of thinkers.

So, what are our options in this shortage of inspiring, transformative leaders? Do we wait for new leaders to emerge? I think it might be time for us all to become the inspiration we seek. Because the leaders the future demands will not show up through top-down mandates. Instead, it will be through grassroots efforts because it’s from the ground up that we’ll find the next generation of leaders willing to embrace vulnerability and articulate their purpose. This is the good fight, the one we must always persevere in doing.

Arionkoder’s purpose of crafting better futures for humanity is compelling for our community. Many people I engage with, clients, Arionics, and others, find it resonates with them and motivates them to do more. And our focus on the future, our Task Force, ensures our eyes are set on the horizon of what’s to come instead of over our shoulders on what has transpired. Because in this day and age, conformity can be a mighty enemy that drains us from pushing forward. We understand that we’re living – and thinking- in two timelines: one is what we’ll be able to affect materially in the next 20 to 30 years, and one where we’ll influence thoughts and actions over the next 100.

We’re committed to amplifying our message to reach even more ears and start the fire in even more hearts, to help humanity create the next generation of impactful and responsible leaders that will drive us all to a better tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s be the inspiration we’re not finding elsewhere, working together to create better outcomes for us all, and those who are yet to come.