Did you know about the latest controversies around AI in gaming?

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By Natalie Golffed

February 2, 2024

The ever-evolving landscape of AI in the gaming industry has taken a significant turn with Valve’s recent policy shift. Stemming from prior controversies and rejections surrounding AI-generated game submissions, Valve has now embraced a more nuanced approach, requiring developers to disclose the use of pre-generated AI content. This move comes at a crucial juncture, sparking debates about the impact of AI on creative jobs globally.

Valve’s updated policy addresses the aftermath of earlier rejections, bringing clarity to the use of AI in game development. Developers must now openly declare their use of pre-generated AI content, be it art, sound, or any other creative element. This disclosure, coupled with a commitment to legality and non-infringement, marks a significant step. Steam’s game store pages will now also highlight games containing AI, with players empowered to report any illegal AI-generated content.

Beyond Valve’s policy shift, the gaming industry witnessed another milestone with SAG-AFTRA’s deal with Replica Studios. This agreement sets guidelines for AI voice-acting licensing, introducing a delicate balance between preserving traditional jobs and accelerating the industry through AI integration. As we explore this dynamic, it becomes evident that progress in AI calls for a thoughtful approach, acknowledging both technological advancements and the human element.

The industry’s response to AI remains a topic of heated discussion. While some view AI as a potential threat to artistic jobs, others recognize its role as a catalyst for innovation. As technology evolves, policy enforcement becomes increasingly challenging. The controversy surrounding AI’s impact on jobs is part of a broader narrative, highlighting the need for a delicate equilibrium between technological progress and workforce stability.

With our focus on ethical progress in AI, in Arionkoder we always acknowledge the debates surrounding AI’s creative power and its potential impact on jobs. The latest generative AI models, capable of rapid image, video, and 3D model generation, are revolutionizing game development. Text-to-voice algorithms further enhance the process, reducing expensive studio costs. This certainly changes the landscape of these creative industries: a new disruptive technology is here to stay, and policymakers jointly with experts in the field need to find new ways to empower creators with AI without damaging their employment.

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