Did you know about the GPT Store? The new OpenAI’s marketplace for accessing task-specific GPTs

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By Natalie Golffed

March 1, 2024

OpenAI has officially launched the GPT Store, a platform that opens the doors to a vast array of community-built GPTs, providing users with unparalleled access to a diverse range of AI assistants. Key features include over 3 million GPTs, a revenue program for U.S. builders, and the introduction of the ChatGPT Team Plan.

The GPT Store offers users a structured marketplace for GPTs. With various categories, a trending leaderboard, and curated picks, users can easily discover and explore the capabilities of different AI assistants. The upcoming revenue program for U.S. builders, set to launch in Q1, adds an exciting dimension by rewarding creators based on user engagement.

OpenAI is also introducing the ChatGPT Team Plan, catering to collaborative efforts with a shared workspace and user management tools. Additionally, the rollout of personalization and long-term memory features enhances ChatGPT’s adaptability. These new capabilities allow ChatGPT to carry over memory between chats, transforming it into a more user-specific and responsive assistant.

The launch of the GPT Store brings much-needed visibility to community-built bots. After months of limited discoverability, this platform shines a spotlight on the incredible work done by AI enthusiasts worldwide. The introduction of personalization features further solidifies ChatGPT’s role as a dynamic and adaptive assistant, transforming the way we interact with AI technology.

Our perspective on the GPT Store is optimistic. At Arionkoder’s AI Labs, we’ve been at the forefront of experimentation with GPT-4 across various applications. We have crafted GPTs for diverse scenarios, including Linkedin profiling, content creation, personalized messaging, retrieval augmented generation, and extracting value from unstructured data, and even from images.

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