Did you know about the AI tools that Google developed for retail websites?

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By Natalie Golffed

February 9, 2024

Google has recently released a series of cutting-edge generative AI tools for retailers, including chatbots, large language models, and AI customer service agents. Learn how these tools are reshaping the retail landscape and discover how Arionkoder can integrate them into your platform to drive growth and efficiencies.

Generative AI has swiftly evolved, emerging as a crucial technology for retailers seeking growth, efficiency, innovation, and workload reduction. In line with this rapid progression, Google has recently released a series of generative AI tools that can be integrated into retail platforms to deliver more value to users.

This announcement comes a few days before The National Retail Federation’s Big Show, where retailers and technology vendors gather to discuss industry trends and test new products.

One of these new tools is a Vertex AI-powered chatbot for personalized shopping experiences, which enables engaging in natural language conversations with shoppers to recommend products based on their preferences. Victoria’s Secret already announced plans to adopt this technology to make personalized recommendations to their customers.

Google also deployed a Large Language Model (LLM) that can be integrated into retail websites to enhance product searches, providing a customizable experience based on product catalogs and customer shopping patterns. The result is a more refined and efficient search process that goes beyond the traditional search for terms.

Finally, Google also introduced AI agents that integrate with existing customer relationship management systems, handling tasks like scheduling appointments and checking order statuses. The tool also assists human agents by summarizing customer service conversations and retrieving relevant information.

These tools are just mere examples of the new components that can be developed now, thanks to last year’s advancements in machine learning. The increased number of use cases has turned this technology into a fundamental asset for retailers aiming to increase revenue and reduce costs, contributing to a more agile and adaptive retail environment.

One key aspect in this regard is how we adapt website interfaces for a seamless user experience with this technology. Our product teams in Arionkoder are actively exploring and experimenting with new approaches in this matter to ease the accessibility to these tools in a safe, trustworthy and, of course, nice-to-look-at way.

As the retail industry embraces the power of generative AI, at Arionkoder we invite you to explore how these advanced tools can be seamlessly integrated into your business strategy. Unlock new possibilities with Arionkoder’s AI Labs and discover the competitive edge that awaits. If you’re part of a retail company that wants to integrate Google or custom-made AI tools in your e-commerce platform, we’re here to help! Reach out to us at hello@arionkoder.com and get a free 30-mins consultation with us to explore the future of retail together.