Building Remote Dream Teams: Strategies for Success

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By Armin Gebauer

July 27, 2023

In the global context of remote work, some companies thrive while others struggle to find their footing. One burning question is in the minds of many: How can we create strong teams that work together, bounce back from challenges, communicate effectively, achieve outstanding results, and shine brightly? 

Building such teams is no easy feat, even in traditional office settings. But in the realm of remote work, where distance and isolation are real, the challenge becomes even greater. However, the path to success is not out of reach. So, let’s embark on this quest to discover the secrets of building remarkable teams in the realm of remote work.

The “Soft Salary”

Success lies in the power of finding common ground—a shared foundation that unites and empowers teams. Today, tech professionals have numerous options and opportunities available to them. While a competitive salary is important, there is also another aspect known as the “soft salary” or emotional benefits. This encompasses the non-financial gains that result from working with one company over another. It could include perks like generous time off, the company’s commitment to matching donations made by employees to charitable organizations, or even the work climate and the quality of the teams they collaborate with.

Purpose, Team and Work Environment

In remote work, the emotional benefits are closely tied to the company’s purpose, as it becomes the primary motivator for individuals to strive and give their best. Particularly impactful purposes have a way of driving themselves, naturally inspiring and motivating the team. However, having a compelling purpose alone is not enough. The work environment and team dynamics must also align with the values and preferences of tech professionals in order to help them deliver their best work.

At Arionkoder, a remote-first company, we understand the significance of both purpose and creating a positive work environment. While we have a powerful purpose of crafting better futures for humanity, we complement it with a range of initiatives that focus on nurturing the human side of our teams. These initiatives include personalized one-on-one sessions with our People and Culture team, fostering shared recreational moments for all team members, and establishing tech Guilds that connect professionals specializing in specific technologies to provide support to other teams so that no Arionic feels overwhelmed when facing a project. Through these efforts, we have achieved remarkable results in terms of employee retention and performance.

Based on this methodology, we’ve built our Nearshoring by Design model for all kinds of Tech Nearshoring projects. This framework mitigates project risks and creates value through its adaptable nature, and relies on Latin America as a key region for talent and growth. To learn more about Nearshoring by Design and how we can help you, contact us at Let us be your partner in success!