Building a blended tech team strategy: Boost Quality, Increase Velocity and Drive Efficiency with Nearshoring

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By Armin Gebauer

May 18, 2023

In the current fast-paced financial landscape, companies seeking to redimension their technological capabilities have various options at their disposal. One increasingly popular option is tech nearshoring, whereby a development team from a neighboring country or region is enlisted to fulfill your tech needs. This approach presents several advantages, but for now, we’ll focus on the reduction of costs without sacrificing quality or expertise.

First and foremost, its cost-effectiveness is the result of several factors, ranging from the availability of skilled personnel and recruitment processes to distributed teams and work models, as well as talent retention and development. Below, we’ll delve into the reasons behind the cost savings associated with tech nearshoring. 

Hiring Process

Implementing a thorough recruitment process guarantees access to proficient experts for an organization’s entire tech stack. It is a crucial component in establishing a robust tech team capable of optimizing and enhancing your projects. At Arionkoder, our selection process is stringent, but we complete it in less than half the time taken by most industry players. Moreover, we only accept 3% of all candidates to ensure the exceptional quality of our work. At the same time, we constantly build a talent pool of experienced candidates that can swiftly join your projects. From web development services to DevOps and data engineering, we have all sorts of talent.

Talent Retention

A cost-effective process is not just one that incurs lower expenses, but one that generates lasting results over time. Achieving this objective requires a significant emphasis on talent retention to ensure the timely accomplishment of your goals. At Arionkoder, we retain our talented workforce by providing a range of incentives, including attractive remuneration packages – which are still significantly lower than those of equally-qualified professionals in the US – as well as career development programs and well-defined growth paths. As a result, our attrition rates are below industry standards.

By diligently capturing and retaining exceptional talent, we ensure the formation of a dedicated and proficient team that consistently delivers substantial value for your projects. Our focus on talent retention allows us to foster a solid foundation of expertise and continuity throughout the development of your AI initiatives.

Labor Costs

Different labor regulations and cost structures across various countries allow for lower wages than those in the US, making it possible to cut down on development expenses while maintaining high-quality standards. The adoption of a distributed work model, like the one used by Arionkoder, enables this approach, with our tech team distributed throughout Latin America. By leveraging this model, we can reduce overall project costs without compromising on quality.

Greater overall control

Tech nearshoring provides clients with greater control over the development process, thanks to the close communication and proximity it generates. From managing costs and timelines to providing feedback and ensuring quality standards, clients can adjust project requirements and offer real-time guidance, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring the project stays on track. Overall, tech nearshoring ensures that the project is delivered on time, on budget, and to the expected quality standards, enhancing the level of control throughout the entire process.

By embracing tech nearshoring, you can achieve significant cost savings for your projects without sacrificing the expected quality. With a dependable tech partner like Arionkoder, you can benefit from long-term commitment and support, minimizing risks and enabling your company to realize its full potential without any limitations and leveraging the power of outsourcing.
Arionkoder’s Nearshoring by Design framework eliminates project risks and creates value through elasticity, allowing you to achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts can help revolutionize your company’s growth and make your goals achievable with ease. Contact us at to learn more about Nearshoring by Design and how we can assist you in reaching your business objectives