Beyond the Tech Hype: Embracing a Multifaceted Futurism

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By Martin Bouza

February 27, 2024

Hello, fellow future-shapers! Let’s put aside the wizardry and crystal balls to forecast the exact future for a moment: I’m here to ask you to dive in with me as we build tomorrow together. Trust me, no magic needed.

I’ve noticed a common misconception floating around: futurism equals technology. But it’s about time we broaden our perspective. The future isn’t just about the latest devices and AI; it’s a complex combination of history, geopolitics, anthropology, sociology, and more. Ever wondered why some countries seem to have the upper hand in shaping their destinies, even when we live in a moment where knowledge is easily sourced, where hardware access is cheaper than ever, where scientific production surpasses all expectations and where essentially every country can leapfrog towards innovation? It’s not just about tech prowess; it’s about innovation—the art of not only creating new solutions, but also connecting the dots in new and unexpected ways that open the door to lasting transformation.

I’m a firm believer that it’s time for us dreamers to roll up our sleeves and fight the good fight. Owning the future isn’t a solo gig; it’s about harnessing collective power and uniting in a shared effort. This means collaborating every step of the way and spreading a message that packs a punch—not just with words, but with actions that leave a tangible mark. And this message is threefold: recognizing that the rules of the game have shifted, daring to break the status quo, and understanding the power of teamwork.

  1. Rules of Engagement

Let’s toss out the notion of the future as some distant, disconnected entity that simply unfolds on its own. It’s the sum of our actions today, evolving at an exponential speed that might be hard to grasp and even dizzying at times. It’s time for society, governments, and businesses to understand this and align for change, even if it takes some time to sink in. The future waits for no one, so let’s get cracking today.

  1. Breaking the Status Quo

I’ve said this time and again, one of our biggest collective barriers is complacency and blind acceptance, receiving a no for an answer and sticking with that. It’s time to break the Status Quo, eliminating the walls that separate and weaken us and challenging and disproving assumptions along the way. Let’s walk the talk and spark a revolution of thought.

  1. Strength in Numbers

Lone wolves need not apply. Building a better future—scratch that, multiple futures—requires a united front, and everyone who says otherwise should go back and revisit their history books. Don’t get me wrong, though: of course Arionkoder will do its part. But to prevent our impact from being a drop in the ocean, we must join forces with like-minded souls. This is what transforms us from bystanders to activists of the future. We’ve all seen big, powerful companies that don’t seem to incorporate this idea and that is, I believe, what makes them passive about the future apart from income-generating strategies. If only they realized that future generations crave a better world more than they do monetary gains, their behavior would surely shift.  Think of all the research that companies like these undertake  and hoard, and how that could make an impact in creating new solutions. 

Like all good fights, I know this journey will demand commitment and dedication. So, here’s the big question: will you join me? Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with me as part of a broader alliance that transcends words and dives into action in the pursuit of making this world—our only known home—a better place? Reach out to me and let’s explore how we can get the ball rolling.